“I am really  enjoying your Zumba classes! I look forward to them each week. And thanks for always making me feel so welcome at each class!

Liz from Wayland


From a Wellness Teacher at Lincoln-Sudbury High School:

The woman who works as an aid in my class said to me “Those women are incredible! They just don’t stop, the kids love them, and they can dance!”

I don’t think I could say it better.

We love working with you and hope we can keep it going!



Offering kickass classes taught by skillful, fun, innovative teachers, JRO Fitness will brighten your day, keep you smiling, healthy and happy!! What more could you ask?


– Erica Ferencik


I looked around the room and everyone was smiling (during a Zumba class) When I used to go to the gym no one was ever smiling there-I love this!

Lynne from Sudbury


We just want to say thank you for coming out and meeting our middle school students.  You provided a glimpse in to a lifelong fitness activity that many of our students have not experienced before.  Many of our students were appreciative of this experience and have since inquired about it.  With gratitude, Curtis Middle School Wellness Teachers


I have struggles with some severe medical issues over the past 10 years that have affected my muscles and overall body toning.  After doing a month of Classes I can honestly say I have not felt this good in 2 years-thanks so much!

Mary from Sudbury


It took only a few Muscle Conditioning classes before I started to feel stronger. Doing the exercises to music just makes it fun. And having some one guide me through the exercises allows me to feel that I am doing them the proper way, so that I won’t hurt myself. I know that muscle conditioning is more important than ever as I age, but I’ve never actually looked forward to doing it,  until this class. As I said to Concessa today, the only thing better than Zumba is Muscle Conditioning AND Zumba together. Maybe it’s because instead of an hour of the Zumba “high” I get it for an hour and a half!

Sue from Sudbury


Wow-I love your classes.  I used to go to Get in Shape for Women and NEVER got this good of a workout-thank you so much!

Anonymous from Boxboro


5000 steps this am, feeling Zumba High! Thanks Laura and ZumbawithJudy for the recharge! Linda from Concord


Judy….just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the professional approach that you and your staff put into your Zumba classes. The classes are well run, on time and the workout is truly amazing…. I searched down south for classes similar to yours but could not find any that were as much fun and that provided me with the workout that I enjoy. Your team provides clear direction throughout the class and make it fun to workout ! It’s one big dance party with terrific benefits !!!!



I have been going to Zumba With Judy for a little under a year now and it has been amazing. It was a rough start at first because I do not consider myself a dancer and the moves change quickly. However once I began to understand the dances and picked up on the rhythm the speed is what made it that much more fun! It is a fantastic workout and something I highly recommend to everyone of any dancing level.Claire from Concord, MA
I’ve so enjoyed getting back into Yoga after an absence of many years, thanks to Cat Cardoso’s classes. Cat has a wonderful way about her. Her instructions are very thorough and detailed, so that you always feel comfortable, even if you are learning new poses. I so look forward to her calming presence and closing poems each week. We leave the classes looking serene.  Barb from Wayland, MA

The class was fantastic and so much fun! Thanks for doing a party for the Acton Family Network-Sandy and Maureen from Acton, MA

I wore my fitbit to class today and so excited that I did 6700 steps in one hour and I am a newbie-almost the whole day’s requirement in one class-YAY!  Claire from Concord, MA

Hi Judy.  I want to let you know how much I enjoy your class and all the classes I have been taking.  Each instructor is a little different but you all are warm, encouraging and fun.  While I certainly do not know all the steps I believe that I am getting a big benefit from the exercise. Judy from Sudbury, MA


Since I started going to Zumba class, almost a year ago, I have lost 12 pounds and went down 2 pant sizes. I put on the summer clothes that I wore last summer and my pants literally fell off without a belt! Jan from Sudbury, MA

So often people go through life without saying just that, thank you! You are an amazing instructor and you have a wonderful team as well. I thoroughly enjoy coming to class and feel so elated each time. I love to dance, to move and we should be so grateful that we are able to do just that. So, I taught my daughters, as they were growing up, not to forget to say ‘thank you’ to all the special people that we are so fortunate to come in contact with!!

Karen from Lincoln, MA

I had a ball. Your Zumba classes are, by far, the best I have ever  taken.
Nancy from Sudbury, MA

Before I started Zumba Classes and  strength training my cholesterol was 271. It has now dropped to 201 with no medication and my ostopenia has improved dramatically.  I have made Judy’s Zumba classes a priority for improving my physical and mental health!
Sue from Concord

I have always worked out daily but wanted to share how Zumba with Judy has changed me!
Since starting Zumba with Judy classes in October. 3-4 times per week, I have dropped 10 pounds! Zumba has revved up my metabolism! I feel so energized!
My husband even noticed the difference!!
With healthy eating and Zumba classes, I am off to a great start for the new year!
Jan from Sudbury, MA

“body by judy”  when my 26 year old daughter and Iwere getting dressed for a friends wedding, her jaw dropped open and she said” mom, where did you get that six-pack?”  it took a minute but I then realized she was admiring my abs… one of the many areas of my “new” body toned by zumba!
Amy from Sudbury, MA

I know after just 3 months of recuperating from achilles surgery that I lost a lot of muscle strength. I started taking Zumba with Judy classes  and  even done in my clunky way, Zumba  has really helped my strength and balance and my core is coming along and that latter is what Primary Care physician noticed… that I was carrying myself better. I lost a few pounds but am gaining muscle so who cares!  Muscle over fat any day and feeling sooo much better.
Grateful to you and your inspiring and fun instructors
Rebecca from Lincoln, MA

Love you and all the teachers.. Haven’t lost much weight  but dropped 1 dress size from losing inches. Thank you and all your enthusiastic and friendly instructors for helping me.
Bonnie from Sudbury, MA

Your classes bring me so much JOY. Not to mention a better mood, happy songs in my head, a stronger body, and way less guilt about That Hershey Bar. Thank you!
Lauren from Maynard, MA

Welch’s was looking for a new wellness program to offer to its employees that was rooted in physical activity. Judy offered to provide a Zumba demonstration at our annual benefits fair. Interest skyrocketed after that! We began offering Zumba to our employees onsite one night per week beginning in January 2012, and we haven’t looked back. Judy’s upbeat personality, ability to work with dancers at all levels, and contagious enthusiasm for Zumba have been wonderful assets to our organization. Employees are taking proactive measures to address their health goals – and they are having fun at the same time. We look forward to working with Judy and offering many more Zumba classes to come!
Courtney at Welch’s in Concord, MA

Judy’s style is super friendly, her routines are simple and also fun and she’s super easy to follow. A great class, I was an instant fan!
Pina from Acton, MA

I am a new devotee of Judy’s classes. They’re excellent. Don’t be intimidated if you can’t dance; I most definitely can’t dance. But leave your inhibitions at the door, step if you can’t jump, jiggle it if you can’t wiggle it and just keep moving. Most fun I’ve had in an exercise class in a long time. Judy is an inspiring instructor.
Barbara from Wayland, MA

Although I’m 82 years old, I look forward to moving with Judy Quint weekly, and more more than less I keep up with the “youngsters” who are also in the class. It’s fun and great exercise. And Judy Q is a wonderful leader.
Judy D from Sudbury, MA

Hi Judy…
You were the talk of the office Friday afternoon!  Everyone had a blast at your class and we were all upbeat and energized. Thank you both for your enthusiasm, kindness and fun class yesterday…and they loved your goody bags too!
Peggy from Coldwell Banker Acton, MA

I’m really enjoying Zumba Gold and have noticed a lot of improvement in my Arthritis-I love climbing stairs now!
Rosina from Acton, MA

I started taking Zumba with Judy shortly after moving to the area. I was looking to try something new and after one class, I was hooked. It has been really great to get to know people in the area and it is a fun addition to my work week. Every time I talk with my mom after class she says I sound happy. Zumba always puts me in a good mood!
Meaghan from Watertown, MA

Judy’s exercise classes really make me work hard but are so entertaining and fun that I don’t even feel like I am working out. She is supportive, understanding and encourages everyone to work at their own pace. I love her energetic, fun-loving personality.
Oreon former martial arts instructor Sudbury, MA

Hi Judy,
Just a quick note to thank you. I had my cholesterol checked and my # has dropped 30 points since I started Zumba last November! I haven’t changed my diet so I have to only assume it’s all due to my Zumba moves 🙂
Thanks, Donna from Concord, MA

I lost 12 pounds doing Zumba with Judy. This is the only thing that seems to work. I actually joined Get in Shape downtown, but I was so tired of hurting all the time, I have a treadmill on my porch, I paid thousands of dollars for a 3 month membership, went about 12 times and quit. It was weights and not loose or zumba. I chose Zumba.
Barbara C of Sudbury, MA

You are my personal trainer-I have lost 5 pounds and brought down my blood pressure-thank you
Amy R. Sudbury, MA

wish i was there right now! I went to a zumba class in my hometown (i’m away for the week) – I’m SOOO spoiled by your great choreography and teaching! While I’m glad I got somewhat of a zumba fix, I was very disappointed and reminded once again that of all the zumba instructors I’ve had (I think this was the 4th or so) you are by FAR the BEST!!
Jenn M. of Sudbury, MA